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URC Vietnam Co., Ltd. continues to be named in the Top 10 Prestigious Beverage Companies in Vietnam 2023. This achievement is thanks to the company's strategy of pursuing sustainable development to bring the best value and quality products to consumers.

Strive to be a Prestigious Beverage Company on a continuous basis.

On October 26, 2023, in Hanoi, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) conducted a ceremony to unveil the Top 10 Prestigious Company in the Food - Beverage - Retail industry in partnership with Vietnamnet e-newspaper. 2023 Retail Packaging. The ceremony's goal is to recognize firms that operate efficiently, profitably, have a presence in the sector, and actively contribute to the general growth of the Food – Beverage – Retail – Packaging industries.

URC Vietnam continues to be named in the Top 10 Prestigious Beverage Companies 2023 category, non-alcoholic beverage industry group

In the list of Top 10 Reputable Beverage Companies in 2023, URC Vietnam Co., Ltd. (URC Vietnam) was named 5th place in the category of Top 10 Reputable Beverage Companies in Vietnam in 2023, Non-alcoholic beverages industry group. This is the fourth time URC Vietnam has entered the rankings and the second time it has reached the fifth position in this prestigious ranking.

Companies are evaluated and ranked based on 3 main criteria: Financial capacity shown in the most recent year's financial statements; Media credibility is assessed by Media Coding method (coding articles about the company on influential media channels); Survey of research subjects and stakeholders including consumers, experts... to be implemented in August 2023.

Consistent with sustainable values

Food and beverage (F&B) sector - one of the largest industries and has a close relationship with the lives of billions of people around the world. This is also the industry ranked 3rd in terms of total global sustainability score. Known as a large enterprise with more than 20 years of serious operation in the Vietnamese market and possessing an outstanding portfolio, including C2 Green Tea, the strategy that URC Vietnam pursues is green – sustainable development, comprehensive growth.

C2 Green Tea - a beverage that has been associated with generations of Vietnamese consumers for decades

Accordingly, with a sustainable strategy from utilizing domestic raw materials, URC Vietnam has used 100% natural tea leaves from Vietnam, the company wishes to bring Vietnamese tea flavor into products with the best value and quality to Vietnamese consumers. At the same time, increase the local economic potential of tea growing areas, contributing to the development of the host country.

URC Vietnam also brings consumers sustainable values. URC Vietnam's products are manufactured according to modern lines and bottled according to standards. Enterprises apply internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to proactively ensure food quality and safety. This practice complies with statutory requirements and ISO/TS 22002-1 is considered a prerequisite program.

URC Vietnam always ensures sustainable value in each product

Not only ensuring food hygiene and safety, the company also fosters research and develops diverse products suitable for consumers' tastes. The company is constantly improving and promoting product lines to bring new experiences to consumers, including C2 green tea product lines with flavors such as Freeze, lychee, peach, apple, milk tea,...

URC Vietnam Co., Ltd. places a high importance on environmental sustainability at the production site. In addition to the million-dollar production line, the company invests in clean energy and efficient discharge with the goal of not only bringing quality products to consumers, but also ensuring the health of URC employees and the surrounding environment.

For the 4th consecutive time in the ranking, and the 2nd time ranked 5th in the Top 10 Prestigious Beverage Companies in 2023, this award is a valuable recognition for URC Vietnam for its strategic pursuit as well as its positive contributions to the community during the past 20 years.

A recognition for the positive contributions of enterprises during 20 years in the Vietnamese market

It can be seen that brand cohesion and reputation are two important factors to help F&B and URC Vietnam businesses in particular succeed in business. The brand cohesion of customers ensures that businesses have a stable number of customers, sustainable revenue; Brand reputation helps businesses attract new customers and compete with competitors. In particular, the pursuit of core sustainable values is an important factor that makes URC Vietnam grow stronger and stronger.

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